How to Sell My House Fast When Downsizing

You are on your own after the kids have left the nest, and the big house you live in becomes a maintenance problem. You may want to look for a smaller place, or even go to an assisted living community.  Still, your existing house is an issue!  You will look for options to sell it, and selling it fast is important, as you can no longer maintain the house, or may not be able to take care of it on your own.

Taking the traditional route of approaching a real estate agent to help sell your house may not be the best selling option, as Real estate agent is not a direct buyer, but just an intermediary who will spread a word that your house is for sale. Also the Real Estate agent will insist that your house is presentable and neat and should not have any pending tax or legal issues.

You would need to make the house presentable by decluttering, painting, cleaning and even renovating to fix every minor or major issue that it may have. Well, that would need money, time, and importantly the patience to stage the house for potential buyers. Well, for someone who is trying to avoid the maintenance cost of the house, this would be a huge issue and a negative experience.

This is bound to happen when dealing with intermediaries to helping you make the sale, and looking for individual buyers who would want a ready to occupy house. They may have a similar situation like yours, no time or money to spend on additional repairs and renovations, so they look for a house that is up to date and fully functional.

How to Sell My House Fast When Downsizing

Your Best Bet to Selling House Fast when Downsizing

You should rather be looking for professional investors who buy houses in any condition, and can make a quick offer. A reputed home buyer provides you with “sell my house fast” option and can also take care of the repairs and renovations aspect, invest money in buying your house, fixing the issues with it, and selling it for a profit.

That does sound complicated, as the business of purchasing homes is a complex one. However, working with a professional home buying company will make the entire process look simple, easy, and a quick one! Sounds unbelievable, but it is true. You may wonder why anyone would buy your house in any condition with a competitive all cash offer.

Reputable home buying companies are professionals with huge cash reserves and with connections to a wide network of home renovation experts. They employ professionals with expert knowledge on all aspects of home renovation, taxation, legal and other compliance issues.

Such companies are always looking to buy homes in an ‘As Is’ condition, so they can purchase as many homes as possible and get them renovated at discounted rates, and then sell them for a profit. Yes, they take into account the cost they would incur to repair and renovate your home and make a competitive offer after deducting that cost of renovation. However, that would save you time and the trouble of arranging money for repairs and renovation.

Once they visit your place, and appraise the value of the house, they can make a quick competitive offer within a few hours. Upon your acceptance of their competitive offer, they can work towards closing the deal even within seven days. That is fast right? The icing on the cake is that they make full cash payment on accepting the offer; you need not wait for checks to come in, go to your bank etc.

The key here is to select the right professional company that has around 10 years of experience and expertise of buying close to 1200 houses and is capable of making a quick competitive cash offer. A professional home buying company is your best option to sell your house fast ( when downsizing.

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