How to Get a Guaranteed Cash Offer for Your House

Once that idea has set in, it boils down to the point of choosing between “Realtors” or a “real estate agency” or a house buying company. More than anything, you want a process that works better for you and in your favor. You want the perfect solution and it needs to move in the smoothest manner possible ensuring you get a guaranteed cash offer for your house.

a) You’ve had a family home for as long as you can remember. Your home was a little away from the city and so when you got a job, you moved closer to the city away from your family home. And now you have inherited the home. Yes. It is an heirloom property and it shows too. It is pretty derelict and needs a complete renovation. Having settled down in the city, you feel that moving to the inherited home is not a viable option. Hence, you think landlording would be good. But, the house is in bad shape and renting it out in this condition is a big no-no!

You then consider the first option- moving with your family to your inherited home from your Virginia home. Make necessary repairs and settle down there. After much thought, that does not seem feasible. The price of repairs, renovations, and modifications will be sky high and there is no use digging through savings for this. Confusion sets in and then it is evident and the solution is right in front you. You decide to sell the home and this is the only route out. You think taking the “Realtors” route may be a little challenging as it requires staging, repairs, renovations and things of that kind. For which you don’t have the time, effort, or even money. This is when you begin to consider the house buyer option. You come to recognize that with house buyers, there is no long waiting period of 6-12 months, no modifications or alterations required or even pay a commission or fee. Most of all you can sell your house in the “As Is” condition. Once you think about all these aspects, it was crystal clear that taking the house buyers route for your inherited home in Maryland is the best option!

This is just one scenario; everyone’s case could be different and involve several aspects which lead them to a sale. It could be downsizing, upsizing, reaching a stage of retirement where you want to spend the rest of your good old days on the beach, job relocation, financial crisis, promotion, loss of job, due to a job which requires you be on the move regularly (military) and many more. It doesn’t necessarily have to be negative but there could be positives too. The end result that you get to see with house buyers is that you got the relief you sought.

How does a house buying company offer a guaranteed sale?

Whichever part you reside in – Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia, always seek a reliable, responsible and a trustworthy express house buying company to sell your house to. They are sure to be a perfect match for many reasons. The primary reason being, you are offered a guaranteed sale. What? How? Unlike other options, house buyers deal with you directly, there are no middlemen involved, and you get to feel their thoughts, expressions, and feelings first hand. This eases the process. The thought of selling your house in a stress-free process and without any hassles is sure to calm down your nerves.

With express home buying company, the choice of selling your house in the “As Is” condition is given- no repairs, renovations need to be undertaken. The selling process does not involve any fees or commissions like the usual 6% charged by “Realtors.” This whole selling the house scene can be wrapped up in as little as 7 days with house buyers and you can just simply move on. Wait, the best part- you get all cash for the sale of your home in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia. Yes, the offer is presented to you before going ahead and once you accept, that’s what you get in hand. All you need to do is pack your bags and get ready to move or just get ready to collect the cash and save it for the future!

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